Entry 10: CIMA


Institution: CIMA (Education)

Campaign: Be the Brains Behind the Business

Channel: Outdoor/Print/Social Media

CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) is an educational institute for Management Accountants. Since, it is primarily an examining institute, and not a degree-awarding institute, coming up with marketing strategies to attract students to take up accounting exams is a crucial step for CIMA. However, with their lively brand campaigns, and their very inspiring tagline ‘Be the Brains behind the Business’, CIMA is successfully creating a demand which otherwise would be fulfilled with a traditional graduation degree.

Below are some of the excerpts of their ‘Be the Brains Behind the Business Campaign’:

(R) Be the Brains (Cima Campaign) 2 cima2cima

The advert very creatively conveys the message that ‘we are not saying that the CIMA qualification makes you an entrepreneur, and you will start your own business after adding CIMA to your CV. Rather once you have acquired the CIMA qualification, since you will be working for some other company, you will actually become the driving force behind it, the person who puts all the thinking in making the company profitable, in short you will be the actual brains behind the business. So make your boss, the ceremonial post holder, and you take charge of making the strategies of the business, so that your job is safe and your boss cannot think about dismissing such a valuable person for the company’.

Considering the fact that this certification is for accounting managers or graduates who usually are White Collar Workers working or aspire to work in blue-chip companies, and usually not the entrepreneurs, the institution has successfully identified their target market and is directing their promotion towards them.

The advertisements sports young models in professional attire and the colors for the background; lively, solid, cheering and colorful, also adds to the fact that this certification is trying to attract students, young graduates, or even managers or accountants who are aspiring for a more prosperous future.

All in all, the advertising campaign is a very clever and creative idea executed successfully and certainly has helped the institution in getting its message across.


Entry 9: Jeay FM


Service: Jeay FM 88

Entertainment Radio

Channel: Print/Outdoor/Social Media

Jeay FM 88 is a local Pakistani FM Radio Channel. It is a regional Sindhi Radio channel, focusing four big interior Sindh cities; Sukkur, Larkana, Mirpurkhas and Naushehroferoz. It currently targets local Sindhi population only. It usually airs entertainment, news and music based content.

The programs too are delivered in Sindhi or Urdu languages only.

Looking at the background of the radio channel, and their reason for existence; that is to be a Sindhi radio channel, focusing mainly on the Sindhi population of the province and tailor their shows according to that, their offering and their target market, the picture that immediately comes to your mind is that of a very ethnic, local, and sindhi identity. And that is exactly what Jeay FM has stick to when it came to designing their marketing strategy, their promotion and their ads.


Jeay Fm’s Various Print ads

The common thing in all of the ads is its unique distinguishing feature of it being cultural, traditional, ethnic, and folkloric and above all become a Sindhi identity. It is catering to a targeted market, and wants to position itself in the minds of the consumers as one.

The ads are a beautiful depiction of Sindhi culture, and its connection with music and radios. Whether it is showing a mango as a mic, a radio with an Ajrak print or a sunflower, or if it’s using taglines as ‘Lehlehatey khet khaliyaan’ (Lush meadows and fields), it all subliminally points towards the rural, ethnic, and country Sindh we all adore.

Entry 8: Man vs. Wild


Brand: Man vs. Wild (TV Show)

Channel: Print

man vs wild

Man vs. Wild is a survival adventure TV show hosted by Bear Grylls. The show is especially famous for presenting Bear consuming bizarre, odd and eerie living things he finds on his excursions in order to survive. This includes even raw meat of animals, consuming insects, and just about anything remotely edible that crosses his path.

The above print ad, reinforces the very same selling point of the show to its viewers. Both the pictures convey the same message; be it with the wood cut in to a pizza slice with beetles, termites, ticks and other crawling arthropods as the toppings on it or with the wrapped leaf serving Dubya roach fries, that for Bear these are the delicacies that he should relish on his survival trips.

For regular viewers of the show, this is a subliminal but a very impressive form of ad. If you are a fan of Man vs. Wild, you will immediately recognize what the ad is talking about, and what the next season has to offer. However, for those viewers, who are not aware about the TV show, it might not work very effectively unless they watch an episode. Hence, we can confidently conclude that this ad is a type of reinforcing ad for the regular viewers of the show. However, for those who are slightly familiar with the show’s format, this ad is catchy in terms of attracting the viewer that they should expect better in the upcoming season.

Summarizing, the ad offers a creative, attractive and strong message for the viewers of the show.

Entry 6: IBM


Brand: IBM

Campaign: Smarter Planet: Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities

Concept Application: Brand Activation, CSR

ibm_sp_1 ibm_sp_2ibm_sp_3

IBM under their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative named ‘Smarter Planet’ umbrella launched a ‘Smarter Cities’ brand activation plus CSR campaign.  The campaign promotes to achieve economic growth, societal progress, and sustainable development.

Under the Smarter Cities campaign, IBM proposes that since cities are the hub of activities hence they struggle with different issues too. For this reason, the Smarter Cities campaign proposes small but smart solutions, without costing a lot.

In a smarter way, IBM integrates many functions through a single initiative; Brand activation, advertising, CSR, and finally connecting to their customers emotionally.

The IBM’s brand activation focuses on building a long term emotional connection between the brand and the customer.

Their brand activation campaign focuses on metallic outdoor billboards, however at the same time, by adding a simple curve to otherwise straight billboards, they are adding a new function to advertising and connecting with their consumers emotionally, telling them ‘we care for you’.

At the same time, the resources used for the brand activation shows that they are minimally adding an extra cost. Also delivering the subliminal message of ‘Doing more with less’, which again supports the propositions.

The ads are created with a purpose, and are a genius attempt at brand activation with an inspiring message. A proper execution, safer rounded edges and lastly checking that the billboards will properly be taken care of once installed, make the 4.5 a 5 star.

Entry 5: Parle Monaco


Product: Parle Monaco

Brand: Parle

Channel: TVC

Location: India

Parle is an Indian based manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery. Under their Biscuits line, Parle manufactures; their salted cracker variant named ‘Monaco’. Because of it being a salted variant, the ad campaigns revolve around the tagline ‘Life namkeen banaiye’. Here the word namkeen (literally meaning salty) is metaphorically used as being witty. So it subliminally tells the message through its campaigns that if you are consuming Monacos, you have chances to become witty. Let’s have a look at their TVC in consideration:

View the TVC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoYK-Xkk02E


The ad in discussion was produced in 2005, however has won many accolades from the public as being a funny advert. Research shows that people prefer and give attention to ads that are funny rather than plain ads that show only facts.

Parle comes up with this humorous advertising campaign with their crackers Monaco. The ad shows the lady, who is eating Monaco, to be sporting a lively and devil-may-care personality. And then in the exchange with the shopkeeper, she takes in to consideration the literal meaning of ‘Chalta’ rather than the metaphorical one being used by the shopkeeper. This suggests the idea that by eating Monacos, you become witty and make even the very mundane moments of your life lively.

In my opinion, this humorous take on marketing campaign and promotion is definitely one of those you would wait for on your TV screens and thus proves to be a successful one.

Entry 4: Dunkin’ Donuts


Product: Dunkin’ Donuts Charcoal Donut

Brand: Dunkin’ Donuts

Channel: billboards, TVC

Location: Thailand



Initially looking at the lady only, I wouldn’t be able to make out as what this ad exactly is about, a make-up or cosmetic brand, may be?

But then I see the dark chocolaty partially eaten donut in her hand and the USA pastry-maker ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’ logo at the side, and I might be able to get to somewhere, but I’m still not clear.

However, when I come across the TVC, the purpose of the ad becomes quite clear to me:

View the TVC here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EOEk-RBLas


In my view, the TVC actually is quite impressive, in terms of getting its message through. So, the message is that with every bite of the dark chocolate donut, there is a blast of chocolate that happens inside you. And finally, you are completely immersed in dark black chocolate. This time, with the TVC, it definitely entices me enough to eat the chocolate donut. It succeeds in its effort of tempting me for the pastry.

The Name – Charcoal: The product is a dark chocolate donut, which almost looks black in color. Hence giving it a name ‘Charcoal’, which is out of the box and provoking. A donut is a dessert form of food, which is usually connected to happiness which in turn is usually associated with some particular colors.

The TVC: The TVC for the product is sharp and tempting. It succeeds in its task of creating a demand for a dark chocolate donut.

The Print: In a way, the print version of the ad does look bizarre if we think about it as an ad for a donut. It does not succeed in getting its message through of a dark sultry chocolate donut that initiates chocolate blasts in you.

Summing it up, the brand’s print ad may have backfired but the amusing TVC and the out-of-the-box name for the product is an impressive piece.