A Short History of Indian Furniture


This will help if you are analyzing the Furniture Industry.

Kuno - furniture & finds from far away

Furniture has never been part of India’s tradition, this perhaps is as a direct result of the extreme climate of Rajasthan. Most people sat, slept and ate on the floor. Early European visitors to India were struck by the lack of furniture in mansions and palaces. What they found were low chairs, if any placed on woven floor carpets, Dhurries and Bolsters were provided for sitting on or against.

The Portuguese thus commissioned copies of their own furniture. The Indian carpenters used considerable freedom and created a striking combination of eastern and western styles. Later the French and British followed the same example and the roots of a foreign culture took hold and the craftsmen continued to produce furniture as was commissioned.

Rosewood or Shisham, from the Himalayan foothills, has for many years been a sought after timber by craftsmen, due to its strength, as well as its potential as…

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