About Me


A working class’s proud production. I’m made to challenge the status quo. I’m like a goldfish kept in a bowl. You can’t chain me for more than 24 hours. Freedom is my oxygen. I was taught to aspire (working class woes). Hard work is in my veins, and struggle doesn’t scare me.

Life is difficult and short, and I like to spend it with people who are light-hearted but witty.

I aim for attributes and then create words around myself. Independent, strong, shrewd, Rebel.
After college, I’ve become arrogant, serious, egoistic and a shrew. Now I’m aspiring to create the words; humble, down-to-earth, airy and lighthearted around myself.

People at college complain about me being hyperactive. I’ll blame it on my raging hormones. But due to the frequent complaints and silent treatments that I received from people for my hyperactive nature, I forced myself to sedation. I’m hibernated these days. When I care about things, I do care. But when I don’t, you bet. They are like seasons. Currently I’m in the season of not-giving-a-shit-to-no-matter-what-happens.

I’m known for my street-cum-corporate-cum-feminine style. You’ll find me sporting a hair bun in a checkered shirt paired with jeans and kohlapuris.

The boring part about me is; I’m a Business undergraduate and self-employed. The bad part; I’m a workaholic.


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