Temper, Temper: Email to employees about technology failures.


Dear fellows,

It has come to our notice that some of the team members are dealing with anger management issues at the workplace, several of which include damaging the workplace equipment.

Technology and the like equipment are prone to failures. This can be a norm, since they are machines, contrary to which humans have control over how they can behave. At such circumstances, it is expected from our fellows that they control their actions.

In an event of any technological failure Mr. Bart Stone can be immediately contacted and notified, while for that time you can go downstairs to take a nice short walk or have a cup of coffee in the café. Meanwhile, you can also come and talk to me about any workplace related issue that you might want to get your heads off.

Considering the recent developments of events in the public sphere, as part of the organization, we absolutely understand that we are in a course of dealing with strained times, however, to stay resilient and strong to them are the only way we can deal with them.

Looking forward to your continued cooperation (or may be a coffee together?),


Assistant Manager,

Human Resources Department,

Metro Power.


Not this time: Letter denying debit adjustments to a Union Bank of California customer.


Margaret Caldwell,
2789 Aviara Parkway, Carlsbad,
CA 92008.

Dear Ms. Caldwell,

This is in regard to your claim number: 7899 concerning the debit transactions through your account with the reference number: 1440022-22839837109. We would like to inform you that after confirming with Wilson’s Gourmet and considering the different hours when the transactions were processed, it is most likely that there were multiple transactions that were processed the same day for which the same reference number was generated for the day and thus the matter doesn’t concern an ATM error.

We regret to inform you that we will not be able to credit your account for the specified amounts. If you have any other queries, I’m always at your disposal.

Thank you for continuing business with us. We look forward to continue serving you in future.

Best regards,

Operations Manager
ATM Error Resolution Department
Union Bank of California